Wednesday, July 14, 2010

summer so far....

Well, I knew I would be awful about updating this blog. At this rate, I'll have 12 posts a year, tops. Makes it easy on me, I guess. ;)
Just wanted to put a few pics of our summer so far on here. June 11th- last day of school- hurrah! The day was also 5 years with this sweet guy.... Then, June 15th, we left for our Seattle/San Fran trip with Mom and Molly. My cousin, Jessica, got married in Seattle so we spent about 4 days there, and then drove down the coast to San Francisco. Lots of firsts for Henny, including first plane ride, first time to the beach, first parade... We had such a great time seeing all the sights- we did all the touristy things (Space Needle, Golden Gate Bridge, harbor cruises, Redwood forest, Route 1, sightseeingbuses). We were just exhausted after 10 hour days pushing strollers and changing stinky blowouts and trying to stay WARM (seriously, we froze the whole trip!!). Here's a few randoms.... Enjoying the Chihuly blownglass installation in Tacoma. I love glassblowing and this was amazing! And yes, I did notice my MAJOR jawline. Mom and Aunt Sarah at Jessica's wedding.

Henley's first parade. Can you tell she didn't care too much about it one way or another???Henley and me in the redwoods. Try to ignore my outrageous bangs!??!

Henley and Molly on a huge fallen tree.

This girl was the BEST little vacationer! In her 7 months of life, been to Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Angelo, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, San Francisco- can you believe that?

After all that traveling, we had the Immel reunion and a fun couples baby shower in Bronte, but nothing too wild.
Since we've been back, we're taking it easy- watching Elmo's World each morning at 9:40, playing in the kiddie pool, going to the library and Costco and strolling Target. Ahh, summer.