Thursday, December 8, 2011


feeling as if i'm abandoning my poor little blog. i hate when i check and i haven't written a post in 2 weeks. ugh. Link just a list for ya to prove i'm somewhat productive some of the time

1. cleaned out the dyson. i mean, not just dumped it out either. took it apart and whoa, it was disgusting. used this guys directions and basically HOPED it would work when it put it all back together. we vacuum almost daily and it would have stunk if it didn't work.

2. worked on handmade Christmas presents. almost 2 year old + acrylic paints = hazardous to my favorite nightshirt/wear it all day shirt. sewing and silhouette vinyl and hot glue and squirt bottles. oh my. will post pics of the final products. feeling pretty good about giving someone something thoughtful.

3. our weather has been so cold at night! i love tucking my littles into bed in fleece jammies. i saw some footie jammies in 5T yesterday! i doubt i'll be making Henley wear footie jammies much longer. but there isn't too much cuter than a clean little girl with fresh combed hair and footie jammies walking to her room.... ah. this growing up breaks your heart, doesn't it!

4. as i type this, a man has been perusing the dvds at the library one by one. seriously, flipping through them and looking at the back of each and every dvd in the section. his wonderful, sweet son just stood by him, patiently, paaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttiiiiiiieeeeennntly waiting for him to finish up. i mean, seriously, sir. he deserves a dr. pepper.

5. i've been at the library a bunch in the after school and those middle-schoolers. they all walk across the street to hang out and wait for their parents to come pick them up. i hardly even know what to write about middle-schoolers. i HATED middle school. all the hormones and cool kids and pranks and flirting and trying too hard to be cool
- trying to fit in or at the top of the food chain or at the bottom... - whew. it's rough. and apparently, still is. it's almost like i am back in middle school with them around- feeling uncomfortable, like i need to watch my back. or that they are talking about me. i always admire MS teachers who can tolerate them. and you know, when i taught my 5th graders, they were almost middle-schoolers. and then they become someone else entirely. ENTIRELY! (rereading this paragraph makes it painfully obvious i have unresolved middle school issues. sorry. carry on.)

6. a church in town had the camels come this week. i drove by them without the girls and screamed "AUGH! CAMELS! I LOVE THEM!!" out loud in my car with a giant grin on my face. then looked over and someone was watching in the car next to me- i felt like a ginormo dork. but those camels were cute.

7. have you seen these grownup "elf on the shelf" scenarios? hilarious. our elf, Lucy, doesn't do anything fun. just hides. these elves are peeping toms, or kidney thieves or makes grilled cheese sandwiches. I love it. people are so clever.

8. needing to leave the library and the super fast wifi. roast for dinner. yum. and then more sewing and drilling and spray painting.

9. having some willpower issues. this about describes it.

dessert picture

p.s. Chickie news: Mia can hold her own bottle- finally! And Henley has graduated from saying "Deedoo" for Dora to Dora Bora (Dora the Explorer). Major news.