Monday, February 4, 2013

diy: felt heart garland

for today's daily make, i wanted to try a heart garland i saw on pinterest. looked pretty easy!  i went to the link here but it was all in another language.  so i wanted to test it out for myself. 
here's what you need: felt rectangles, scissors, sewing machine, embroidery thread, embroidery needle

i had a bunch of this heart patterned felt and this is probably the only time of year i'll ever use it. plus it makes it really easy to see my tutorial steps. plain felt would be perfect, as well. (and you won't have to worry about getting the "right side" out.)
 you really only need about 2 sheets of felt.  SUPER CHEAP PROJECT!

cut your felt into 2 rectangles, about 4- 5 inches wide by 11 inches long. (note: i had a giant sheet of felt and didn't use squares. so in my pictures, i have quite a bit more felt than you'll use with sheets.)

 start by putting the right sides together and sewing a straight stitch all the way down the long edge.  then, sew another line about 1 cm away from that edge.  now you should have 2 stitches all the way down.

turn your felt inside out so the right sides are showing. sew a stitch all the way down about 4 inches from the left edge.

 trim on the right side of the sewn line.  be careful to leave a little felt on the side of the stitch so your heart will have a little tail.

 now, cut your hearts to your desired thickness. this reminds me of cutting cinnamon rolls out of a long dough roll!  i got about 6 or 7 hearts- about 1 1/2 inches wide each.
 turn your heart back inside out and trim the the excess.  on my heart, this is in the middle.

 stringing your hearts is a precarious step.  string too high or low and your hearts will flip over and won't stay upright.  i found that if you squish your heart and string your needle through the middle of the two stitches you sewed in the middle of the heart, it won't flip.  but it took restringing my garland a few times to get it right!  you can always snip the knot off the string and slide off the hearts if it doesn't work, so don't fret. 
they look cute when you've got them all squished together on the string!  and, when it's time to store it for next year, just squish them all down and wrap the extra string around it a few times! easy!

 then just hang your garland somewhere and puff out your hearts!  

 love it! easy! 
looks pretty darn cute vertical, too! wouldn't several of these in the window be precious!?!?

looking back- maybe next time i would attempt beads or something else in between the hearts.  and of course, now that i finished my tutorial, i just found a wonderful tutorial on huckleberry love. check it out. 
anyway- happy crafting to you!

finally finished: craft room

 i'm so glad to finally have this room completed!  when we moved into this house, i literally had DREAMS of my future craft room.  pinterest definitely didn't help- a million wonderful ideas. 

and of course, it was the very last room to be worked in- bedrooms and bathrooms and kitchens take priority.  thankfully, over the holidays, my wonderful sister, molly and super duper organizer friend, sharon came over and bossed me around to help me get it in shape. i needed that.  and now it's done!

just wanted to show some storage ideas and DIY projects for anyone else out there.  this craft room was put together with NO money.  we just couldn't afford to buy anything so it was all free or found or moved from another room or borrow from someone's garage or used from my classroom stuff.

i had some little shelves that i painted blue and put dictionary pages across the back. they are kinda cheapy and can't hold anything heavy but work to brighten up the walls.  they are the same size but look different because of  my terrible editing.

 these little shelves are the cheapest flimsiest wood you could find, circa 1980.  i painted them white on the outside, ruffled up some burlap, hot glued it to a yardstick and drilled that onto the front.  there are two of these and they hold my sewing machine, iron, spray starch, etc.  nice to have all that stuff hidden.
 just a little color.  wooden spools on a bit of string.  old chalkboards with the letters MAKE.

can you even believe these gorgeous shelves?  they came from some type of parts shop, they have writing like "size 8 valves" on them.  they were in the burn pile and i rescued them.  i LOVE them.

they have lots of items on them: fabric, yarn, felt, scraps.  mostly in jars and baskets from here and there. the fabric is rolled with rubberbands, because i can't keep it folded to save my life.  mostly sorted by warms, cools and neutrals.

we used a lot of different storage solutions.  here's an enamel tray and little buckets that were previously in my classroom.  target dollar spot.


 wire baskets hold bandanas.  cookie jar holds embroidery thread.

this fishbowl came from the thrift store.  holds ribbon scraps. (we pretty determined i am an official hoarder as we organized this room. can't. throw. anything. away.)

everyday items. crate came from my mom's garage.  

this little dresser just holds general crafting stuff for the girls.  feathers, pipe cleaners, markers, chalk, styrofoam, glue sticks, pom poms. it's nice to have a little spot where they can look for things to make with (and leave most of my stuff alone!!)

this big ole dresser came with the house and is a funky distressed green.  it holds extra sewing stuff, long paper, stencils and cutting tools.  i like that those things are hidden.  it has a mirror frame that goes on the back which i'm planning to put cork on for an inspiration board but man- that cork is expensive!! even at 40% off.  hoping to find a big bulletin board at the thrift store to repurpose. so in the meantime, i made a little clothespin frame with a broken window frame.

it's ok for now.  

more storage in jars and baskets. i think having it showing just looks pretty and adds color. 

this big ugly dresser got moved into the closet and is wonderful for holding stamps, paint, beads, random and stickers.

 for stuff that needed to be grouped together and isn't particularly pretty, shoeboxes on this wire shelf are the way to go. my sister made me some pretty cursive labels and that helps a bunch! they need to be laminated so they'll last.

 here's the top of the closet. those white dividers hold cardstock, scrapbook paper, construction paper and little boxes. there's a stack of  old books i tear and cut out of regularly.
it's nice to be able close up the closet and hide all that.

 just some cute frames i made above the closet. used to be in my bedroom- moved into this room.
love the colors of all the thread on this thread rack. 


window view. curtains reused from the old house from ikea.  the good life sign reminds me how blessed and lucky i am.

i had planned to toss all these little plastic spools of thread but don't they look cute hanging from the fan? see? hoarder.

just happy stuff around the room. colored beads. old game piece. beautiful quilt square from tanyia from our crafty swap. prayer from a girl scout meeting led by my grandmother-in-law.

my table is nothing fancy- an old super heavy office desk. i painted it white and spray painted lace onto the top.  since i am a lazy girl, of course i didn't sand it and now the paint is peeling off the top. see that big scratch?  oh well, i figured it would get all painty and gluey and messed up anyway.  another project some other day. the desk is great for holding my paper cutter and still having a big workspace.

a few more angles of the room.  seriously makes me happy to walk in a start on a project.  i'm trying to do a "daily make" where i do something creative in there each day. (the chalkboards, wooden spool string, and that gold tape art thing are a few of them.)

it's nothing fancy and it's mostly all used or old or repainted but i love it.

thanks for stopping by for a peek!