Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stars in heaven

EDIT: I found this image and think it perfectly describes what I'm talking about in this post...

I've been thinking a lot about people who have passed away lately.

Some courageously battled diseases or cancer or surgery and fought until the end. And some lived a good life and were ready. And some were such a surprise to us, completely out of the blue. And for all of us left behind, we are shocked and sad. We don't know what to say. And our hearts have a hole. And we cry as we remember their lives. And we know that they are in a better place. It's us, those who are left behind, not them, who feel the pain.

A quote I heard lately and liked is from C.S. Lewis. What saves a man, is to take a step, and then another step. These friends lost their mother, sister, grandpa, father, childhood friend. And everyday, other things happen- aneurism, illnesses, divorce, sadness. There can be so much to feel sad about. But life keeps moving.

At night, when I look in the sky, I am always reminded of these people who are no longer with us. They are the stars that are so lovely here in the country. Some are brighter than others. Some are bigger. I think every star is someone who has left us and is shining up in heaven. Watching us keep moving.

I pray for comfort for those friends who have a hole in their heart. They always will. My hope is they can find joy and happiness in this world of ours. And live in expectation of what's to come.