Sunday, August 15, 2010

sun, sand, and seaglass

a few from big shell.

when we go to the coast now, we head 25 miles down the beach to get to big shell beach. it's about an hour and a half drive, through soft sand and requires a skilled driver and four wheel drive. luckily, david doesn't mind. in return for your troubles, you get CLEAN beach (no seaweed, no trash!!) and solitude. only 4 cars went by us all day!
it was wonderful to sit and listen to the waves, feed the seagulls and watch Henley enjoy the coast for the first time. she dug in the sand, splashed in the waves and snoozed on the beach. we found lots of seaglass and cool seashells, ate chips and turkey and cheese and chocolate and drank plenty of sweet tea. it was perfect.

throwing a fit...

here's the latest temper tantrum from the little miss. she shrieks when i walk out of her sight. i plan to show these at her wedding someday. she'll really appreciate her 5 chins. ;)