Saturday, July 16, 2011

Whoa. Almost a year since my last post. I had kinda suspected I wouldn't be a very good during-the-school-year blogger and I was right. But good news- I'm going to stay home next year, wooooohoooo!! and so my blog might see a little more action than it has lately.

Major change since last summer, the addition of one totally precious little lady, miss Mia, to our family. She is now 5 months old and while it was a bit rocky at first (including a hospital stay complete with spinal taps and catheters at the teeny age of 5 weeks!!) we are adjusting quite well and feeling pretty darn happy as a family of 4.

Actually, as I look at the last post about the coast, I remember I was pregnant and feeling it! My posting about chocolate, turkey and sweet tea should have had kettle chips, doritos, grapes, m&ms, doughnuts, breakfast tacos and french fries added to the listBold. That was during the day. Then it would wind down into the evening and nothing could make it to my stomach. David would get Grouper Pontchartrain (oh, we love you Beach and Station Street) and I would get noodles with butter sauce. Or chicken strip salad and just eat the lettuce. Poor Mia enjoyed deliciousness for the first 6 months and the last 3 were diabetic torture.Nothing yummy (tortillas, cereal, milk, bread, chocolate, candy, soda) was allowed. Blood checked 4 times a day and dr visits weekly. Bah. Went quickly. And you know- I felt better. But no wonder she was such a grouch for the first few months!

Anyway, going to try to get a bit better at updating my blog. I said TRY, dang it. Don't hold me to it. Two little chickies make it easier said than done.