Thursday, October 6, 2011

cute baby pumpkins

You can mark "pumpkin patch" off our fall list.

Hen has been talking about the "cute baby pumpkins" [not to be confused with cute baby HoHo, cute baby moon, cute baby yellow car, cute baby Mia, cute baby french fry, you get the picture] when we drive by the square. So we went and picked up a few. Pretty cute to see her running from pumpkin to pumpkin, all excited. And kids are so NOT PICKY when choosing the pumpkin. Hers was all lumpy and spotty. And you might think I'm about to teach you a little life lesson here about how we're all different, yada yada. I'm not. I wanted a pretty pumpkin and she didn't. So there.

We'll go back for more (better) pictures. Maybe.

More things on the list:

* trick-or-treat
* play in the leaves
* family pictures
* carve a pumpkin
* football game (yeah, probably ain't gonna happen, but I LOVE bundling up in blankies at a cold football game)
* hot chocolate
* meet friends at a park to play

I'm not listing much. We've just been enjoying the weather too much to get much accomplished. ;)

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