Thursday, October 27, 2011


happiness today:

(in no particular order)

* reading a great book (why I'm like this, by Cynthia Kaplan)
* finding a typo in the above mentioned book (he liked it more then the other)
* the delicious smell of Davey's chili on the stove
* anticipation of the coooold front on the way (possible freeze tonight- yahoo!)
* new shelves in the entry way, more organized and less cluttered!(thanks, dad!)
* happy girls, playing in their room with mr. potato head and then napping for 2 hours to jewel's lullaby album
* a day to run errands alone yesterday and feeling more productive today as a result
* cuuuute halloween costumes for my chickies (pictures to come)
* lunch of peppercorn turkey, cheddar cheese, wheat thins and grapes
* pumpkin patch pictures


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