Tuesday, November 8, 2011

just drive

Needing to check in. Haven't too much to write about.

I needed a slap in the face lately. (figuratively...) I was feeling so bored and restless and overwhelmed. Staying at home is a lot of work!

Sometimes, I feel so guilty for checking pinterest or blogger!
Or that the tv was on for a long while.
And we didn't do too much.
I wanted to save money so I didn't go shopping.
I wanted to save gas so I didn't go into town.

We just stayed here, for the most part. Whew. It was exhausting.

By Saturday afternoon, I just wanted to curl up on the couch and ignore the pleas for more Dora, more crackers, more chocolate milk, "fix it, peese, mommy" about the baby doll's blankie or bed or another bottle for the little one. I wanted to read a book or watch MY show on tv. I wanted to eat lunch while reading a magazine instead of trying to keep the 9 month old away from the 2 year old's food and cleaning up the 2 kids and the plates and the table and the floor after lunch. I want to go to the bathroom without someone banging on the door or sticking their hands and toys underneath and howling.

But children have a way of making you TOTALLY UNABLE TO IGNORE them.

It is impossible to attempt to relax on the couch while daughter number one is screaming in her room. And it is impossible to enjoy Pinterest while a little one is pulling on your leg and yowling. And it is impossible to try to catch a little nap on the floor with the two kids climbing on the new mommy-jungle gym.

So. My choices were pretty clear. I could holler at them. But they don't get it. Instead, they turn up the yowling/crying/whining factor about ten notches.

So we would get fresh snacks and head out to find some cows and horses to look at. Or go to the recycling center and get rid of plastic bottles. Or drive over to the storage unit and look at the wreckage that is in there.

Little things. And just getting out of the house has a way of making me (not feel like you are about to SCREAM YOUR BRAINS OUT) able to breathe. And you can roll down the car windows and turn up "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" and laugh at your daughter dancing in the back seat. The one you thought you were going to lock out of the house an hour earlier.


Note to self- when it's gotten to be too much, just drive.

And while you drive, think about how someday, you're going to miss being the jungle gym. All too soon, you're not going to be the one they want every minute of every day. Enjoy this while it lasts.

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