Monday, February 27, 2012

weekend away

ah. back home after a girls weekend with my mom and sister in houston.

my sweet husband generously offered to watch the littles so i could get away for a bit. no hesitation on my part.

it was great fun. lots of laughing, delicious food, pretty sights and thrifty shopping. nothing extravagant but much needed. just right.

when i walked in, henley went crazy with the "i you soooo much, mommy.
miss you, mommy. i you sooo much" and patting my back nonstop. and mia with the walking/bouncing on her knees while waving wildly. hard to beat that.

in the two days i was gone, hen jumped off the top of the couch and landed on her head. and learned to "shake her hiner" to the music. and mia learned to clap and is now walking ALL the time.

and best of all, my sweet man admitted it was a lot of work watching the chicks and called me the "queen bee" of the house. ah. needed that, too.

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