Friday, March 9, 2012

hard to believe

hard to believe this little one and i can sit around and have an actual conversation.

me: henley, did you have a good nap?
hen: yes. but spilled my milk and blankies are all wet. need to put them in washing 'chine.
me: ok, i will. is mia still asleep?
hen: yep! mia sleeping. i love my cute little sissy. i love to give her hugs and kisses. love to wrestle with her.

hard to believe this little toot is such a grinner. she'll growl at you and screech but then turn right around and flash those adorable eyes at you. she likes sitting on the sink and splashing her toes in the water.

hard to believe our field is full of bluebonnets, some blooming and some about to. come on, bumper crop! (i've always wanted to say "bumper crop"- that felt good and organic.)

hard to believe i hadn't given these chicks lollipops yet. sooo quiet. sooo peaceful. i WILL do that again.

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