Wednesday, April 11, 2012

i'm going through changes...

cue the ozzy osbourne music...
you know, the song, "i'm going through changes"

my life is changing in little milestones that if i don't slow down to notice them, they might seem to just have vanished.

i put away the little formula containers a while ago. we're buying whole milk like crazy. a little someone is growing into a toddler- not just a baby! she's into everything and thinks she's just as big as her sister. a few weeks ago, we were making a 5 am bottle so mia could make it a couple more hours. not anymore. now it's two girls sleeping from 8 to 8, no waking up. it's soooo nice.
check out these precious baby legs.

i have saved a bazillion diapers in the last week. another little someone is pretty much all day potty trained. do i miss it? no way. but....

check out this skinny minny hiney. all her pants are falling down!

i ripped down almost all of the paneling in the kitchen of the new house. what a change from dark to light.

sometimes i need to remember to slow down. enjoy today. it's going fast.

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