Wednesday, May 2, 2012

package pals

i tell ya- I LOVE getting mail! 

magazines, catalogs, and especially a package just for me!! 

i signed up for package pals from blogger Jamie at C.R.A.F.T.  it sounded like just my thing- create a box of crafty fun for someone else and they'll send one to me! perfect!  

i was matched up with carrie at my favorite finds.  what a cute blog!! you'll have to stop by and take a look!  i got her package first- of course.  (the post office is one of my LEAST favorite places in the world... two toddlers in tow and our small town only ever has one line open AND a whole card display next to the lines.... ) i literally squealed when i opened it up.  SUCH cute stuff.  she sent us tulle to make tutus, letters for the chickies (H & M) and glitter paper.  perfect picks for me.  

we've made the tutus- pics to come- and the other projects are waiting for a rainy day.  or maybe when the hubs is fishing.... 

here's my fun box:  

thanks, carrie!  i loved making the tutus and my chicks love wearing them.  you should have seen us at home depot.  the tulle was spilling out of our racecar basket and the little chicks were in tutu heaven! :) i'll just say a tutu plus a little girl who loves to use the big potty all by herself is quite an adventure!!  

 i love how the alternating colors on the waistband look....

meanwhile... here's what i'm working on these days.  

i've been cleaning out the storage rooms and closets and attics of a HUGE quilting fanatic.  can we say TONS AND TONS of fabric.  i've been rolling (and rolling and rolling and rolling) fabric rolls and sorting them in sizes of small, medium and large rolls and sticking colored tape on them.  there were 21 large storage bins of these, people!! then i sorted thread and ribbon and scissors and quilting templates and batting and bobbins and quilting books. lots of tools.  and patterns.  and sewing machines.  it's incredible.

this saturday, my town is hosting quiltfest, an event where you can display your quilts and meet other quilters.  and i'm selling my merchandise.  woohoo!  it will be good to get it gone and hopefully into the hands of others who can use it.  because, to be honest, if i sock into MY personal craft collection any more scissors or rolls of ribbon or pretty thread or fabric, we won't have room to move!! :)

here's what my pile to load into the truck looks like. that's almost all fabric- 19 boxes of fabric!! Whew!

wish me luck! and if you're in the boerne area, please come shop!

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