Wednesday, June 27, 2012

my oh my, it's been a while

i bet it's getting old to see a blog post that begins with an exclamation of how long it's been since i blogged. and then excuses of why that is so.  


but really.  we've (finally) moved in. and 2 days after moving in, i hosted craft camp.  and then this week, i've just been exhausted. imagine that. 

but now i am at the point where i wander around and just smile.  or stay up late organizing or cleaning my NEW WHITE SINK. 

it's like i have a new resolve to leave things clean before bed. and stay caught up on the laundry. and put away dishes while the chicks eat their bowl of cereal in the morning.  like maybe, just maybe, this chore chart could be something possible.  from stilletos and bubblegum.  LOVE.

we shall see.  there are still a million boxes to unload. and a craft room to organize (oh lordy, hallelujah to get to have a craft room of my own!?!?!). and things to hang on the wall and pots and pans to unpack and where, oh where is the knife block- this one serrated knife from the thrift store just won't cut it!

the cats have settled in nicely and the dogs are happy to get leftovers from the little girls after each meal.  and we wait for the sweet mail lady every day and henley asks "did miss patty bring me a letter?" we eat at our ancient old table, just the four of us, which we didn't have the space for in our old house.  none of the chairs match and more food is dropped than eaten but i don't mind a bit.  it's home.

a few pics from around the house. 

and so. i am feeling guilty for lazing about on the couch. there is a remote to be found.  or else the hubs is threatening to buy a new tv.  yikes. need to get on that stat.  

more to come. craft camp highlights and projects.  more house tour.  chickies lately pics. and a good idea.  much love.  

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