Sunday, September 30, 2012

plants = blog

oh my poor little blog. 

sometimes i feel like my blog is the plant that sits by the window in our guest room.  at times, it is so perky and i remember to water it and then.... i forget! i get busy with laundry and cleaning and tutoring and little girls and my husband and then look over and my poor old plant is droopy and sad!

just like my little blog. 

i want to paint a big sign that says "the days are long but the years are short" for my laundry room. 

because i feel some days, that it takes forever to get through the day.  and yet, a whole year of my staying at home has FLOWN by.  it's been a year of picnics and playgrounds and inside and library visits and naps and naps and torturous please-go-to-sleep- naptimes. it's been fun but hard.  i wouldn't change it for a million bucks and yet, sometimes i wish i could just get a conference period at my desk while i eat peanut m&m's without sharing and look at my favorite websites alone.

we're busy.  i tutor in the afternoons so we get our work done early.  right now, my to-do list has a chevron/coral table for the chicks, organize the craft room more, read more books to the littles, window chalkboard, wrap up ring-and-run gifts for some new moms, and then clean/keep clean.

meanwhile, here's a random piggy bank pic.  {and for the record, i do feel so guilty for my  picture quality.  in fact, MANY times, i pass on blogging at all because i feel my pics are so stinky and uploading/editing eats up precious moments.  those blogs with beautiful pictures are a bit intimidating.}

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