Wednesday, September 5, 2012

random littles

random littles:

(as i hug on her and squeeze her little hiney)

"mom, please don't touch my hiney. hiney's are dirty and full of germs."

oh, is that so?

(as i change from my robe into my clothes)

henley: "wow mom, i see your big boobies."
me: "yep, we all have boobies"
hen: "my boobies are small."
me: "what about mia's?"
hen: "hers are baby boobies. and dad's are short. and pop's are big. and molly's are big. and mamie's are down low."
me: "what about pawpaw's?"
hen: "him doesn't have boobies."

mia's latest thing is "no, mama" in this southern drawl.  when i give a million kisses or chase her or tell her to get back in her bed.  it's especially cute with the pacifier in.  which we are trying to get rid of. as with the 11 am nap. but that girl will sneak upstairs and find her paci and her blankie and fall asleep anywhere she can.  as in the kitchen floor. or the living room floor. 


david has been laying with henley as she goes to sleep.  the other night, they recapped the weekend and she was so quiet listening and rememebering. tonight at bedtime, she said, "dad, can we talk about stuff again?"


i made homemade bubbles and the girls have been having so much fun with them.  henley can actually blow bubbles and mia, too.  but mostly, mia puts the wand directly on her lips and blows.  so sometimes, when she pulls the wand away, then breathes, a bubble comes directly from her mouth.  i'll have to get a pic.  

today, mia got into the sharpie.  she colored all over her tummy and legs.  i gave her a spanking and took away the marker.  she cried and ran to the stairs and sat there.  henley came over and said "mia.  so sorry you got in trouble.  but markers are for paper, not tummies.  did mom hurt your feelings, mia?  let's hold hands." 

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