Sunday, October 21, 2012


are you a book lover? 

i am. and now that mia and hen are pretty good sleepers (KNOCK ON WOOD, SALT OVER SHOULDER, all the other things to keep things this way) i'm actually getting to read again!!

i really missed that part of babyhood- but loved almost all the other parts of it- and i'm glad to have some time to pick up books.  

our town built a new library last year. it is just so great.  modern, light flooding through.  many more offerings. 

isn't the whole concept of borrowing books just incredible?? i can take a big pile of wonderful kids books for my littles to look at and to read to them at bedtime.  for free! and borrowing movies and music and books for me.  my bag is so heavy when i walk out.  it's just the best. 

imagine my bursting heart the other day when after loading up the dishwasher, i wandered into the living room to find Henley with a pile of little golden books i had put into the book basket in the living room. half the time these books are just dumped onto the floor but she was paging through, carefully examining the pictures.  love.  

and THEN. we went upstairs to look for mia and discovered her in the playroom surrounded by books as well.  flipping through a sesame street book.  she was surprised to see me at first, but then handed me a few. 

    "book?" she said and plopped herself into my lap. 

ahhh. my heart was full.  happy to see my girls enjoying the beautiful pictures and stories they've heard us read to them.  

a little off the subject, but i am planning to open an etsy shop soon.  too many "treasures" and vintage paraphernalia.  must find new homes for it.  i plan to list these little golden books.  aren't they precious!  how many LGBs does someone need, though? sharing the love.   

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