Wednesday, November 7, 2012

october package pals

doesn't take much to get me in the mood for fun mail!

i participated in jamie's package pals for the month of october. 
we signed up back in september and i was placed with my partner, tanyia of domestic deficit disorder. if you wanna laugh, or see some awesome quilty goodness or fantastic digital scrapbooking, head on over!  she's too cute!

anyway- when my package landed on my doorstep, i was upstairs getting the girls to sleep for a nap.  i could hardly contain myself to wait until they were asleep before sneaking downstairs to open my gift!

tanyia was so generous and must have given a lot of thought to my gifts- especially making sure they would be fun for the chicks!

wooden ornaments for painting, jingle bells, pompoms, pinecones, stickers, glitter glue, yarn, candles. SO FUN! the ornament painting will be such a fun activity for our advent calendar.  the girls will LOVE it. 
 again, must know about my sweet tooth.... yum. 

 and then THIS made me gasp out loud!! see, i told you she was so talented- she made me my own mini-quilt!! i can't believe she went to so much work for lil old me- but boy, do i LOVE it!! it's beautiful and so well made.  THANK YOU, TANYIA!


of course, i took until the very last minute to get that package to the post office.  procrastinating!!

here's what i sent to tanyia:

 some holidayish/ candy fabric (maybe these are called fat quarters?? clueless)
 rainbow of embroidery thread for friendship bracelets with her cute daughters

 some scalloped scissors, a cutting mat and a diamond template for quilting
and Christmas stickers, ribbon and laminate samples for a diy i'll feature tomorrow.

what a fun thing to do!! if you've never participated in a swap, give it a shot! it's a lot of fun to meet a fellow crafter!  thanks so much tanyia and also to jamie for coordinating! 


  1. Ohhh lalala... that Rasberries and dark chocolate needs to get in my belly,ha! And all of that Christmas fabric needs to get in my craft closet :) Thanks for participating in October PP!

  2. I am so happy that you loved everything, I am so sorry I did not link up til now, I was having a lot of trouble accessing the website for the link up :) I am about to go post though so make sure you come by! I really loved getting to know you and doing this swap, I was one happy camper! <3

  3. Wonderful collection both sent and received! You can be my package pal any time! :)