Wednesday, February 12, 2014

cold snap, again

Today is day 3 of cold weather here in Texas. Meaning, yesterday, we didn't warm up above freezing all day.  And since all of us also have runny noses and coughs, we just have been being lazies inside. On the couch. Or in the bed. Snuggling. All 3 of us together, NONSTOP. Also known as "Mommy is two seconds from exploding at any moment"...

Just now, Mia is running around a bunch of helium balloons left from her birthday.  She is singing a made up song that goes "Balloons, balloons, are very fun. Balloons, balloons, are very fun." Henley, who can't find her bunch of balloons (seriously? a bunch of 4 floating balloons is missing??? how is that even possible?) suggests we all start singing HER song. "You should share, share with your big sister. Her balloons are missing, and that would be nice."

In all honesty, lazy days are nice. We've been snacking instead of regular meals, painting and building forts and who doesn't love to just keep jammies on all day long?

I'm ready for some sunshine, though. The weather is supposed to warm up to a week of sunny 70 degree days.  Trampoline time and picnics and windows open will be such a treat.

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