Monday, July 7, 2014


hi there.

feeling thankful. 

family coast trip. reunions. parades. fireworks. summer.

makes a girl content and grateful.

 I looked around my messy kitchen last night and caught a glimpse of all these little things that make my heart happy.  I don't have to look far to find happiness.

 do you buy the OOPS paint from home depot? I'm kind of a hoarder... but good colors and cheap!! tonight's finds.

 sweet hubby who brings the biggest, brightest sunflowers home. 

 favorite summertime treat- hill country peaches from fredericksburg.  seriously, 3 so far today.....

 my favorite candle burning in the window above the (MESSY) sink. white lights on the back porch.

 a painting made by the chicks for the little brother's nursery.  (did I mention baby #3?!?! yay!!) a sweet and patient aunt who will paint for hours with those girls.

 this show. do you watch it? i love joanna's style! come do my house, please??

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