Sunday, September 11, 2011


Well, another weekend is almost over. On everyone's mind right now is the remembrance of what happened 10 years ago today. and i want to share where I was that day. (for my sake- my memory is just so terrible that I don't trust it at all.)
I was a jr at ACU and walked into Mrs. Holman's (??) class about elementary reading methods and rumors were going around that America had been attacked. And since no one could even imagine the depth of the horror that was to come in the next half hour, she said a comforting prayer and had a quick class that released much earlier than normal. We all left and headed to the student center where we were met with crowds gathered around TV stations set to CNN and Fox News with images of planes crashing, smoke billowing, people in a panic, and a general disbelief about it all. it was so huge that you couldn't even really comprehend what was going on. We went to chapel at 11 and just prayed for anyone involved. Details were so sketchy for all of us at this little college in West Texas and we didn't get it or rather, couldn't get it. I went to our apartment and Lauren and I wept as we watched the news nonstop. I was so anxious and upset. The devastation was just gigantic and I was unsure of how our country would react, or what was next. As the country shut down air space and the stock market stopped and America came to a halt for safety reasons, I saw firemen and policemen and everyday heroes helping little old ladies and kids and grown men. It was terrible and amazing at the same time. People holding on to strangers. It was so beautiful, the huge, open, helping hearts of strangers. Many more details came. The Pentagon and PA flight information, the new security measures, the sad news of missing people who never were found. America changed 10 years ago today. Our nation stands tall, blessed immeasureably, in spite of the actions of a few, remembering those lost and cherishing those we have with us. Thank you Lord for what I have and what you have given me.

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