Tuesday, September 20, 2011

chickie update

Lately, I can just sit and watch Mia in amazement. All of a sudden, she's cruising around the room- crawling like an expert. She gets wherever she wants so fast and is getting into everything Henley leaves laying around. Goldfish, sippy cups, toys. I have to watch her super close!

She wakes up every morning so early (now that I get to sleep late- I do!!!- we don't roll out of bed until 7:30 or 8) and just plays around in her bed, laughing and talking it up. Not sure where she got her "early bird" tendencies but I love looking over to her crib from my pillow and seeing this sweet baby peeking over the edge with a huge grin first thing in the morning.

In the last week, she went from one tooth to two, from scooting around but not quite crawling to a full out crawl, and is able to push into a sitting position and is so strong and sturdy. She takes baths without her Bumbo and is just otherwise, growing up waaaay too fast!! I love that little sunshine girl. So happy and curious.

And Henley is doing wonderful too- such a sweet girl. Last night, she and I ate some M&Ms for a snack before bed. David asked her for one and she gave him one after another until she only had one left for herself. She then gave him that one too, and our hearts just melted with the sweet sharing. (By the way, he gave them all back and she gobbled them up so fast, probably so her parents wouldn't do any more experiments on her with her candy!!)

She is just totally into Dora and Kailan right now- she thinks Kailan's "cute little monkey, HoHo" is just the most adorable. She crinkles up her eyes when you ask her about him. And as we drive around town, she sings the ABC song, Jingle Bells and the Down, Down song. She'll look at Mia and say "Silly Mia" or "Mia nap" or "Mia awake" which is helpful since I can't see her.

She loves having something to look forward to so every night, I'll tell her something we'll do the next day. And wouldn't you know, I'll walk in, and "feed ducks?" or "PawPaw's ranch" or "blue slide". What a smart girl she is.

I am just blessed beyond words to be getting to stay home with them this year. We take it so easy, enjoying waffles for breakfast and playing at the playground in the middle of the morning and going to the library for a big outing. It's wonderful and I love watching them grow up.

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