Thursday, September 22, 2011

chickie pics

Just wanted to put up a couple cute iphone pics....
One is what I love about Henley- totally girly, wanting to wear a tutu and a teeny blonde (??? where in the world did that girl get blonde hair??) ponytail digging in the dirt and putting rocks and sticks in her pocket. And by pocket, I mean the gap at the top of her diaper.

My chubby Mia- goodness, I always wanted a chubby baby and she is one. Her little thighs are my fave. She's actually over 100% in height so she's not little. She's such a sweet one- rolling around on the bed and singing.

Me and the Meems. I wish she would cuddle up and sleep with me like this but she is a roller when she's sleepy, just like Hen. And that is NOT fun to be in the bed with.

And my faves are these of two girls having fun together. I love that Henley likes to make Mia laugh and wakes up asking "Mia, up?" And Mia ADORES Henley, like even more than she likes her mother. She watches her every move. I love that they'll always have each other to play with, and share clothes with... and fight with. ;)


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