Wednesday, September 21, 2011

counting my blessings

I think I figured out a few reasons why I feel like writing on my blog.

1. This whole staying at home and talking just to my kids 95% of the time leaves me having LOTS of little conversations in my head. Or I go to Wal-mart or the playground and talk a little tooo much (aka, I'm the psycho-starved-for-conversation mom) to complete strangers. Better to type them to no one than have them with random people.

2. My poor sister has to remind me to send a text with pics of the chickies- she's dying to see what's up with them and what kind of crazy notions they get into.

3. I like to document my little projects I work on at naptime or after bedtime.

There. And if no one is reading, it's ok. Just for me. And my sanity.

Here's a little naptime project from yesterday. I needed a little visual reminder right in front of my sink. Sometimes, I'm washing bottles and cleaning up from dinner and I get to staring out the window, having a huge grouch-fest in my brain.
"Why am I the only one around here who washes the bottles?"
"If I load the dishwasher, couldn't someone else unload it?"
"Why can't Mia drink 3 10 ounce bottles instead of 6 5 ounce bottles?"

And on and on. Some days I'm in a good mood- husband brought me gorgeous pink roses, potty training went great all day, scored some cool finds for 10 bucks-and the grouching isn't so bad.

AND come on- I'm a stay at home mom! I live in a comfy house near family and friends! I had a delish dinner! My babies are in their beds, safe and happy and healthy with full bellies to sleep a good night's sleep. My life is so wonderful. But those dishes just get me.

This is what I made to help me remember. I finally bought some vinyl to play with on my Silhouette. Oh, how much fun it is! Basically, I'm just learning the ropes right now. This was going to be on a plate but I messed up the actual vinyl letters and decided to use the surrounding vinyl as a stencil.

Basically, 3 steps.
1. Stuck the vinyl to the window. Smoothed out as much air as possible. [NOTE: I am in no way a perfectionist. I am a get-it-done kind of girl. My projects do reflect this quality of myself. I realize this and move on. Hope you can, too.] I also had to stick on the circles and ovals in the O, B, E and G.

2. Painted with yellow acrylic paint over the stencil. I did two layers.

3. Peeled off the vinyl. I freaked a little because paint seeped under the vinyl and it looked a mess, but by using a toothpick, I was able to scape it off really easily. I cleaned it up and was left with this.

I like it because it will remind me how blessed I am and to quit griping in my head about the stinkin' (literally) bottles. And when I get sick of it, it will easily scrape off. Love. I plan to put one on the bathroom mirrors too. And yes, it is backward when you look at the window from outside. I don't care. I'm such a rebel. ;)

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