Friday, February 10, 2012

happy birthday, Mia Ruth

Happy birthday, sweet Mia Ruth!

Goodness, I can't believe one year ago, I was recovering from a quick delivery and you were snuggled up in my arms. You were so pretty- some babies are all squished and...well. YOU were gorgeous. Long eyelashes, softest pink skin- just beautiful. I had an instant crush on you. ;)

You are still gorgeous, my dear. Same lashes, pink skin, big blue eyes. I think you are going to have brown hair, maybe a little curly. You don't have much on top right now, but it's ok. You rip headbands off within seconds so bows don't have much chance anyways.

You are SUCH a stubborn girl. Gotta be the German side of you. You get so mad if you don't get to go outside- even when it's 35 degrees and raining outside. You get so mad if I am making a bottle and you don't have it in your hands RIGHT THEN. You get so mad if I take something from you, like a bead that you are chewing on and shouldn't be. Your daddy calls you a little bulldog. You are like a little badger- crawling so fast and determined and right over anything in your way.

And yes, I said crawling. For about 4 months, you have been crawling. You are fast and have this little head swing and it's adorable. We are ready for you to walk. You CAN walk. We hold your wrist and you'll even hold my hand and walk all around the house. You just mostly DO. NOT. WANT. TO. You'll grunt and pull your wrist away if we try when you are not in the mood. You won't do it for a jellybean. You won't do it for your bottle. You just don't want to. Your pants are torn and stained and worn out on the knees from your constant crawling in the dirt and grass.

I love that determination though it sometimes frustrates me. You'll bulldoze right over Henley a she's laying on the floor. You'll pull her whole plate toward you (as she yells, "No ma'am, Mia. No take Henny's food!") and gobble whatever you want off it. That go-for-it quality is going to help you in life.

You also don't say many actual words. But you sing in the car, sometimes all the way from San Antonio. And you'll repeat "Mama" and "Dada". I have a feeling once you get going, you and Hen will jabber our ears off. And you LOVE music and will clap and wave your arms and bounce up and down while I play it.

Mia, you are such a lovey when you want to be. You LOVE Moshi and will pat on her and put your head on her soft fur as long as she'll let you. You want to be held constantly, especially by your daddy and Pop. Both of them walk in and you just light up. You also really love your big sister and in the mornings, she gets out of her bed and plays with toys and reads books and you stand in your crib and watch and sing as she does that. She'll put some toys in there for you so you can play, too. I am sure it won't be long until you use that determination to climb right out. Oh my. That will be something to watch on the monitor!

I am amazed at your stubborn attitude but sweet spirit. I know you are going to be the best kind of girl- rough and tumble, hanging out with the boys and will probably have a potty mouth, telling bad jokes but being beautiful and breaking hearts doing so. You are such a happy girl, laughing and giggling all the time.

You make ME so happy. I look back in the rearview mirror and you just smile around your pacifier. My heart melts. I don't know how I'll survive your terrible twos, or six year old antics or worse yet, your teenage years. But I'm sure you'll just bat those lashes and smile that grin and I won't be able to stay mad long.

Thank you for being my surprise baby. I will always be surprised by you, my love.

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