Friday, February 10, 2012

not off, OUT

sometimes, what seems so big the day before just gets small the next day, huh?

i was so worked up yesterday and today it just seems a little dumb to be so bothered.

plus, i had to laugh at myself. shake it out WAS just what i needed to hear to calm down and see clearly. BUT....

i couldn't stop thinking my little banner sounded.... gross. especially since i put it in the bathroom. shake it off? hmm. what is weird about that, i kept wondering. i wonder if florence gets any flack for that? shake it off.

oh. OH. that's right- it's shake it OUT. not shake it off, as my banner proclaims. haha.

i might just leave it up so i'll remember what happens when you get all bothered- you start getting song titles wrong.


happy first birthday to my sweetest love, Mia Ruth. birthday letter in the works.

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