Monday, March 26, 2012

checking up on us

dear betty,

i've seen you lately.

as we took our bluebonnet pictures, you fluttered so close I thought you were going to land on Mia.

and as we blew bubbles and laughed at them popping on our heads, you floated right above.

and when we were loading up the car at your house, you flew over the bush that is blooming and buzzing with bees.

i hope you know that we miss you. a lot.

my girls are growing up so fast, you wouldn't believe all the silly things they do and say. Mia is walking, a straight legged hobble, with a huge grin. so adorable. and Henley is saying things like "look at my spyglass!" and "i'm trying to get away from Daddy!" so smart.

but lately, I know you're watching us, enjoying these little moments we've been having.

thanks for keeping an eye on us.

we love you.


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