Tuesday, March 27, 2012


we'll it's no secret we're not rolling in the dough.

since i made the decision to stay home from teaching this year, our fun spending money has gone from a little to barely any.

but lately. i've been feeling so RICH!

i'm not kidding.

i feel like my life is so much richer than it used to be, when i would wake up and head off to school at 6:30 in the morning. yeah, i had a house. and a nice car. and could and would, go off and spend 50 or 200 or however many dollars on shoes or clothes or whatever.

but now.

i get to wake up and laugh through breakfast with two little girls. then get dressed. or not. and go adventuring everyday. some days, with a playdate on the horizon. some days, the park. some days, just going outside and playing on the gator and with the cats. filthy rich.

i get to stay up late with my sweet hubby. nothing wild. he's watching "duck dynasty" and i'm playing on pinterest. we sometimes eat a late snack- cheesecake or cookies. and then we head to bed, and talk about what's going on in our lives. rich, i tell ya.

i get to make a little money helping a couple kids get better at math. no testing pressure. no grading. laughing and playing games. and it pays a couple bills, too. not rich, but some money!

i get a massage for my birthday, free babysitting all the time from my parents and an insistent "we're going to lunch for your birthday" from my father-in-law. how lucky i am!

i get to search for treasures. a tent for $3 at the thrift store? mine! a box full of old glitter and fabric scraps? mine too. someone's perfect broken in jeans, in just my size? i'll take 'em. not spending a lot, but getting a lot.

i get to look out my window while washing dishes and see this.

yes, that's a field of bluebonnets. and a limestone bluff with a creek below. i am rich.

i'm so glad for these sweet days. no, i don't get $400 bucks to spend at the outlet mall. no, we aren't eating filet mignon and drinking an expensive bottle of wine. and the savings account isn't big.

but i'm a rich girl.

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