Wednesday, May 30, 2012


man. embarrassing to see how long it's been since i posted.  

i hate excuses but here they are. 

  • my internet is SO slow! seriously.  waiting 30 seconds for the page to load requires so much patience!

  • we've been doing house updates every spare second!  going to do a post on some awesome, budget friendly options. love the progress but man, it's been hard work!

  • these chickies of mine.  love them but trying to post while they tear up the living room i JUST cleaned is torture!!! ;) sheesh.  love it, though. we've been spending time outside as much as possible. 

anyway.  just wanted to post the cutest thing i've heard lately. 

When asked, "Are you a cup half full kind of person? Or a cup half empty kind of person." She replied "My cup runneth over."

Now, is that the best response you've ever heard? 

Just another reminder.  Count those blessings.  

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