Thursday, May 17, 2012


these days.  

sunny, rainy, busy.  love it. 

here's some funny things. 

at MOPS on monday, the teacher asked Henley what she is cooking in the play kitchen.  cake?  cupcakes? she replied, "snickerdoodles!!!" so cute. 

right as i type, Mia is riding in the doll stroller (teeny) while Henley pushes her.  there is an umbrella strapped on the handle and 2 toothbrushes in Mia's lap and 3 mysterious random pompoms in there, too.  ha.  they are laughing like crazy.  love it. 

painting should be finished today.  all this new stuff is so crazy expensive and just picking up 10 more gallons of paint and another gallon of semi-gloss and new toilets and vanities and light switches and drawer pulls- it all adds up quick!! took a trip to the restore today.  spray paint will work wonders, won't it?

but i'm SO excited.  we are ready for more space.  and decorating.  and cats and dogs back under one roof.  i was thinking that some of our stuff has been in storage for more than 3 years!! i can't really even remember what we have!  it will be like Christmas, opening that storage unit and getting out all my own junk.  excited doesn't really contain it.  pinterest doesn't help either.  projects and ideas and plans. oh my. 

my craft camp is coming up too.  been wanting to do this for years and finally have the opportunity to make art and teach kids at the same time.  should be interesting. and fun. 

life is good. god is good.  thankful, as always. 

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