Wednesday, July 31, 2013

50 letters update!

Well, 50 letters down. It was easy #1-30 and #31-50 were tougher. I had to think outside the box and make sure to choose people who have influenced my life. 

Most were people I interact with each day. Family, friends, former coworkers. Some were people from my past I haven't seen in years. Some I am a little nervous to send out as they don't even know I admire them from afar. Kinda creepy, I thought. 

Now, I find myself thinking of people who deserve a letter all the time.  I hope it will motivate me to write more often. Even little notes to deserving waiters or helpful cashiers at the store....

I even burned up a pen (black) during my letters! And of course, the second pen (red)  I wrote with was much more comfortable.... I discover this on letter #47! :)

I saved them all to drop into the mailbox at the same time.  What a fun rush! They slide right down and I'm excited to know they will bless someone when they go to get the mail.  

Loved this project.  Made me feel vulnerable. Honest. Grateful for these wonderful people in my life.  Blessed. 

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