Monday, October 7, 2013


passing me by?

nah. we're living and loving it.

but- whew!!!!

want to remember our busy, crazy life through this blog so here's a bit of what's going on...

* mia is potty trained! took much longer than henley.  jellybeans. marshmallows. little bear toys. stickers. finally, though, DONE!
* the chicks started gymnastics and man, so adorable.... of course, the bars and beam and trampoline are fun, but the best part? the stamps they get on their feet at the end of the class!!
*  boerne handmade market came and went.  LOVED participating in this fun, local community event again. molly sells her hand painted signs and i sell ruler growth charts and banners and succulents and sheds.  VERY fun.
*  on the way to St. Louis in 2 weeks for MOPS convention. can i just tell you MOPS has changed my life as a stay at home mom?  if you are even wondering if you would like it, give it a try.  new friends, instant play dates, delicious breakfast, a new place for my kids to have fun.  seriously.  i was not sure about it all, seemed hokey and i LOVE it.
*  threw a big ole garage sale and with the proceeds will have new doors installed in our house.  french doors!  yay!
*  hubs is in working in town now and it's woooonderful.  it's so convenient and nice for him to come on home for lunch. 
* took a break from my running but i'm ready to get back on track. something about this fresh fall air makes me think i can get back to it. we'll see. it's the soreness i'm afraid of!!!

leaving you with a couple pics.

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