Thursday, February 12, 2015

mia turns 4!

happy fourth birthday to you, Mia!

oh, you sweet little one. i just put you to bed on the last night as a three year old.  i feel like i've been telling people you were almost four for about 6 months. you just never really seemed only 3. isn't that weird? maybe because you and henley are such a unit that since she definitely didn't seem three, it would only make sense that you were older as well.

i have your selection in the oven, devil's food cake with chocolate icing. i believe your words were "ummm. chocolate. and more chocolate on top." you also just GOBBLED a bowl of spaghettio's. you are SUCH a noodle eater- always asking to eat "noodles with a little sauce and a little meat and a little cheese". you also love yogurt, as in every single morning. strawberries. cherries. muffin bars. pineapple. doritos. almost any nuts- pecan, almonds, peanuts. sausage. and anything and everything dipped in ranch.

speaking of nuts- one of your favorite things to do lately is crack pecans on the back porch using the nut cracker. you will expertly shell each pecan and give me half each time. for christmas, you even got a sack of pecans!

and that also proves your generosity. you'll give away your candy, gum, share your stuffed animals. you love to share and willingly to it. such kindness.

you love playing outdoors, especially making "salads" and "potions". you mix up berries, birdseed, dirt, grass, leaves and water in bowls and buckets everywhere. you dig with shovels and stack rocks. you gather flowers and seeds and leaves everywhere we go! my car is full of all your gatherings! you also love gathering treasures while we shop, getting the tiniest sequins and sparkles, tags and pins.

 you love having the dogs chase you and petting the cats. moshi sleeps on your bed every night and you'll carefully crawl in and sleep up by the pillows just so you don't disturb her and make her jump off. no worries, she always comes back to snuggle with you.

you love your stuffed animals and for your celebration tomorrow, you want to go to build a bear and make a special stuffed animal. you have pre-selected a tan bear named sandy. (i sure hope he's available tomorrow!!) you also love, love, love little things- toys and figures and animals. you set up little scenarios everywhere. your big gift is a huge collection of littlest pet shop animals and homes. i'm so excited for you to open that one!

you have the funniest, cute way of speaking. "dwady" is how you talk about little brother. who you like but aren't obsessed with, unlike henley. you like grady sitting with you, as long as he's happy and still. you do go in and attempt to soothe him if he's crying. but mostly you like his toys and animals!

you are a beautiful little girl. you don't like to have your hair brushed and cry every time. you wake up with wild, wild bed head and don't mind having that crazy mop all day long. even if it's all in your face. your hair curls up in the back and it is one of my favorite things ever. you have long eyelashes and bright hazel eyes. you run with a skippy shuffle that is hilarious.

you still prefer your tricycle. you still would rather get pushed on the swings. you can buckle up and finally learned how to open and close the back car doors by yourself. you holler "mom, i go poop!" a million times until i come to wipe your hiney. i hope when i'm 99, i still can hear "mom, i go poop" in my brain.

you can fall asleep in 3 minutes and sleep in every position in your bed. you are daddy's buddy because you are so easy- give you a phone with a show and you'll go anywhere and be fine. you are so LOW DRAMA. you love to wrestle and rough house, often poking daddy and running off. we chase you and you scream and laugh the greatest belly laugh. you are sturdy and tough, tall and lovely.

mia, i could go on and on about how i love you. you are all sweetness, stubbornness and smiles. you are happy and  good and kind. i love watching you become who you are going to be. thank you for being my number 2, my new big sister and ringtail tooter. i sure do love you.

happy birthday!


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