Monday, April 2, 2012

hard work

ah, these days.

we're working on cleaning a house. it's had stuff to the ceilings and we're cleaning it to live there. it's been hard work. trips up and down the stairs. 16 stairs. some days i make 20 trips up and down. carrying heavy boxes of stuff. somedays it's just me and the chicks. they make messes while i organize and clean out and then, clean up after them. and some days, we have a bunch of help. either way. hard work.

it will be worth it. it will be great. i'm excited. but whew.

in other news. currently obsessing over this little cuppa:
boil 4 cups of water in teapot (yes, i'm using a teapot. granny alert). put in 2 luzianne tea bags. let steep for 5 minutes. add 1 mint tea bag. let sit for a bit to cool off. add to pitcher of 4 cups of cold water plus 2/3 cup of sugar. oh my deliciousness. seriously, no wonder i'm getting so much done and staying up so late. so good.

which also lead to an search for cute teapots. i like 'em all. probably best to go with something practical, huh? but the little nesting doll is precious.

did i mention how happy my life is right now? oh, may i always remember these happy days.

i call this picture "chicks on the porch steps".

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